Paying OER Contributors (Office Hours Summary)

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“Money, Money, Money: Paying OER Contributors,” a co-presentation with Open Textbook Network featured three people who have been able to pay OER contributors at their institutions. The process and sources of funding OER creation projects was discussed.

This month, we were joined by Karen Pikula (Minnesota State OER Faculty Development Coordinator); Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen (Director of the Portland-Metro Campus Library); and Amanda Hurford (Scholarly Communications Director, PALNI).

Karen Pikula spoke about the Learning Circle Process at Minnesota State. The circles are a grant supported initiative to guide faculty as they review, create, and adapt OER. Paying participants is challenging because there are three unions to work with, but over the years Karen has refined her process.

Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen manages several different OER grant programs supported by several different organizations. She shared a very helpful flowchart that explains the intricate process of paying participants.

Amanda Hurford shared her experience of paying faculty members who reviewed open textbooks. To manage the large amount of transactions she has to process Amanda used She recommends creating a comprehensive spreadsheet that covers all the data necessary for the payment workflow.

Thanks to everyone who attended the session, and thanks to Karen, Dawn, and Amanda for sharing their wisdom, tips, resources, and experiences. As always, it’s a pleasure working with Karen Lauritsen and the good folks at the Open Textbook Network. The next Office Hours, “Tenure and Promotion” will be held on the 21st of November 2019 at 2pm ET/ 11am PT/ 6pm UTC. We’ll be joined by Mark Poepsel (Associate Professor, Department of Mass Communications, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Jaclyn Stewart (Senior Instructor, Department of Chemistry; Deputy Academic Director of the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver), and Jonathan Poritz (Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Physics; Director and Data Analyst, Center for Teaching and Learning, Colorado State University – Pueblo; Chair, Colorado OER Council, Colorado Department of Higher Education).
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