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  • Headshot of Apurva Ashok

    Apurva Ashok

    Assistant Director and Director of Open Education, The Rebus Foundation

    Apurva leads Open Education initiatives at The Rebus Foundation, primarily through the Rebus Community. She helps educational institutions build human capacity in OER publishing through professional development offerings such as the Textbook Success Program. Apurva studied literature and marketing at McGill University and completed the Master of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University. Her experience ranges across academic publishing, media, social justice, and volunteerism. In 2020, Apurva received an Open Education Award for Excellence from Open Education Global in recognition of her contributions to the field. She strongly believes in translating knowledge among communities and regions, and in the value of greater critical thinking for all.

  • Joerdis Weilandt

    Assistant Program Manager, Rebus Community

    With a background and 20 years of working experience in culture studies, modern language teaching, and educational development, Joerdis has been supporting students and (teacher) colleagues in a variety of (inter)national settings before coming to the Rebus Community. An anti-oppression educator, she works to (un)learn and support equity in higher education and herbalism. With roots in multiple worlds, she nourishes a strong trust in the power of community and works to shift systems towards co-liberation, land-based protection, and respect (for humans as much as for the more than human kin).

  • Kaitlin Schilling

    Associate Program Manager, Rebus Community

    Kaitlin is the Associate Program Manager at Rebus Community and one of the authors of The Rebus Guide to Publishing Open Textbooks (so far). Prior to completing their graduate certificate in public administration from Humber College, Kaitlin studied psychology at the University of Windsor. She has previous experience in community-based program delivery in areas such as student services, career development, and most recently open education. A graduate of the Textbook Success Program and collaborator on Pulling Together: Manitoba Foundations Guide (Brandon Edition) with the Manitoba Foundations Group, Kaitlin is committed to equitable storytelling.

  • Hugh McGuire

    Executive Director, The Rebus Foundation

    Hugh has been building tools and communities to bring books onto the open web since about 2005. He is the founder of LibriVox.org (free public domain audiobooks, made by volunteers from around the world), Pressbooks (an open source book publishing platform built on WordPress). Along with Brian O’Leary, he is the co-editor of Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto — Essays from the bleeding edge of publishing.

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