Textbook Success Program


The Textbook Success Program is a professional development package that equips faculty, librarians, administrators, and managers with the tools they need to make great open textbooks. Join a cohort of faculty members, program leads, and other open textbook creators for a twelve-session course + regular support calls* with OER professionals. Learn using Rebus resources developed over years of managing OER publishing.

We’ve worked with numerous open textbook projects, helping them through the OER publishing process. As we’ve learned, the most powerful tool in OER creation is an active community, and we’ve seen the power of bringing creators together in a shared support framework. This is why we built the Textbook Success Program with community, collaboration, and engagement in mind. In addition to providing extensive open resources, we work with groups of creators (as well as program administrators) in an open, interactive online course, walking them through the publishing process and connecting them with fellow creators around the world. The year-long course comprises three phases: an initial phase with 8 weekly themed sessions assisting teams in scoping their work, a hands-on stage for OER project work, and a final phase with 4 weekly themed sessions and 3 monthly sessions to conclude the program.

Diagram showing the 3 phases of the Textbook Success Program. Phase 1, Planning & Scoping Phase involves two months of weekly sessions. Phase 2, Writing & Editing Phase involves 6 months of monthly meetings, alternating between cohort meetings and 1:1 meetings, and Phase 3, Production & Release phase, involves one month of weekly sessions and 3 months of monthly sessions, alternating between cohort meetings and 1:1 meetings.
The Textbook Success Program consists 3 phases.
  • Get to know Rebus’ collaborative open publishing approach with open education peers in a supportive learning environment
  • Connect and contribute to the OER community (eg.: process of being in TSP, learning and OER that comes out of it, relationships)
  • Reflect on your current pedagogical practices with the goal of creating your OER with learning experiences that are accessible, equitable, and inclusive
  • Create an efficient workflow and apply best practices that help your project progress in due time, with guidance from your Rebus facilitator and other cohort members
  • Gain confidence using open approaches and tools to advance your project and grow its user community
  • Build and strengthen institutional capacity for current and future open publishing projects
  • Recognize and grow your open education leadership skills

*Support calls last for one year from the program start date

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