Overview of Making Ripples: What’s in new DEI OER Guide

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 front cover is an image of rain falling in a body of water, with several ripple effects with the book title, "Making Ripples: A Guidebook to Challenge Status Quo in OER Creation" in white text.
Front cover of Making Ripples: A Guidebook to Challenge Status Quo in OER Creation

Rebus is delighted to announce the release of Making Ripples: A Guidebook to Challenge Status Quo in OER Creation

Making Ripples is a short resource designed to emphasize the importance and value of critically evaluating your practice. It explores the advantages using a diverse, equitable, inclusive (DEI) and Open lens throughout your work. In the Guide, there are opportunities for you to pause and reflect on your role in education and on your current practices. The Guide uses a conversational narrative and an upbeat tone of voice, and is deliberately structured to encourage readers to think things over before you act. 

The opening section of the Guide focuses on the purpose of producing Open Educational Resources (OER), stressing the importance of teamwork and prioritizing the needs of students. Additionally, it underscores the value of incorporating storytelling and ethical considerations when delivering educational material, as this can greatly impact both teaching and learning outcomes.

The Guide also exhorts educators to examine their pedagogical principles and methods through the lens of equity-centered pedagogy. This includes taking into account how storytelling might advance equity and academic achievement. Building on this, the pedagogy section emphasizes the value of ongoing education, working with regional communities, and incorporating open pedagogy and practices to improve social justice.

Finally, Making Ripples prompts readers to deeply contemplate education’s function in society, with the goal of generating positive change in the world beyond OER production, by producing ripple effects.Readers can use Making Ripples in a variety of ways: you can use the guide as a primer for individual reflection, work through each Part with a group, or complete the accompanying worksheets for practice.

“This book is a must-read for anyone looking to incorporate or understand equitable approaches to pedagogy. No matter if you’re a student, an instructor or an administrator, there are valuable lessons shared in this book that is applicable to everyone. Written compassionately and backed with knowledgeable insights, Making Ripples has truly expanded my understanding of how to create a more equitable learning experience.”
– Amy Song, Customer Success Manager, Pressbooks

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