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Rebus Facilitates OER that Make Students Feel Seen

Open Movement Rebus Community Textbook Success Program

The open publishing projects we support not only enhance the educational experiences of students, they also help students feel seen and supported on a personal level. One such project is a university-level LGBTQ+ studies textbook entitled Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach.  Deb Amory, a cultural anthropologist and professor at SUNY Empire State College,Keep reading “Rebus Facilitates OER that Make Students Feel Seen”

Publishing is about making things public

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We here at Rebus are often asked what it is we do, both as individuals and as an organization. Sometimes, depending on the context, we find ourselves stretching to find the right combination of words—non-profit, web-based platforms, tools for academics, digital texts, collaboration. A common perception is that Rebus is a publisher, given that weKeep reading “Publishing is about making things public”

Opening up LGBTQ discourse with a compelling textbook project

Open Movement Rebus Foundation

During June, some parts of the world recognize Pride Month, celebrating sexuality and gender diversity, as well as the importance of individual self-expression. In other parts of the world, however, governments and societies have moved to limit rights, protections, and respect for people who do not identify as heteronormative. Being open about identity is notKeep reading “Opening up LGBTQ discourse with a compelling textbook project”

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